Assoc Prof Dr. Erica von Essen | Geography | Best Researcher Award Associate Professor at Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden Summary: Dr. Erica von Essen is an Associate Professor in the
Mr. Kapil Patil | Cloud Networking | Industry Pioneer Innovation Award Kapil Patil at Oracle America, Inc, United States Summary: Mr. Kapil Patil is a Certified Principal Technical Program Manager
Dr. Ruihong Chen | Traditional Chinese Medicine | Best Researcher Award Doctorate at Guangdong Medical University, China Summary: Dr. Chen is an Assistant Professor at the School of Medical Technology,
Dr. Ram Gopal | Materials Science Excellence | Best Researcher Award Doctorate at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India Summary: Dr. Ram Gopal is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department
Dr. Jeongseog Oh | Aluminum water splitting | Best Researcher Award Doctorate at Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), South Korea Summary: Dr. Jeongseog Oh is a Principal Researcher at
Dr. Duy Vo | Mechanical Engineering Pioneer | Best Researcher Award Doctorate at Duy Tan University, Vietnam Summary: Dr. Duy Vo is an accomplished engineer and researcher in civil engineering,
Assist Prof Dr. Najmeh Najmoddin | Biomaterial Engineering | Best Researcher Award Assistant Professor at Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Iran Summary: Dr. Najmeh Najmoddin is an accomplished
Assoc Prof Dr. Duaa AL Maghaireh | Health Professions | Best Researcher Award Associate Professor at Irbid National University, Jordan Summary: Dr. Duaa Al Maghaireh is an Associate Professor of
Dr. Omar Soufi | Intelligence Artificial | Best Researcher Award Doctorate at Mohammed V University of Rabat Mohammadia School of Engineering, Morocco Summary: Dr. Omar Soufi is an expert in
Dr. Maksym Lupei | Predictive Analytics | Best Paper Award Doctorate at The Pennsylvania State University, United States Summary: Dr. Maksym Lupei is a dedicated researcher and academic with extensive