Mr. Tarik Bin Abdul Akib, Biosensor, Best Researcher Award Tarik Bin Abdul Akib at Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh Summary: Mr. Tarik Bin Abdul Akib is a
Dr. Tadesse Gemeda Wakjira, Construction Management, Best Researcher Award Doctorate at Idaho State University, United States Summary: Dr. Tadesse Gemeda Wakjira is a highly accomplished civil engineer with a diverse
Assoc Prof Dr. Ghaffar Ali, Environmental management, Academic Excellence Paper Award Professor at Shenzhen University, China Summary: Dr. Ghaffar Ali is an accomplished academic with expertise in Urban Environmental Management,
Dr. Issam Boukhoubza, Environmental Conservation, Best Researcher Award Doctorate at University sidi mohamed ben abdellah, Morocco Summary: Dr. Issam Boukhoubza is a researcher specializing in materials science for energy and
Mr. Bilal El Allaoui, Systems Implementation, Best Researcher Award Professor at University AbdelMalek Essaadi, Morocco Summary: Mr. Bilal El Allaoui is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in management
Prof Dr. Daniel Marcelo-Aldana, Renewable Resources, Best Researcher Award Professor at University of Piura, Peru Summary: Prof. Dr. Daniel Marcelo-Aldana is an accomplished engineer and academician with a diverse background
Dr. Hang Hu, Cancer Photodynamic Therapy, Best Researcher Award Doctorate at Changzhou University, China Summary: Dr. Hang Hu is a dedicated researcher with expertise in cancer photodynamic therapy (PDT) and
Assist Prof Dr. Mahnaz Eskandari, Microfluidic Systems, Best Researcher Award Assistant Professor at Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran Summary: Assistant Professor Dr. Mahnaz Eskandari is an esteemed educator and researcher
Prof Dr. Mohamed Hamdy, Geochemistry and Petrology, Best Researcher Award Professor at Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Egypt Summary: Dr. Mohamed Hamdy is a distinguished Professor of Geology
Dr. Tanvibahen Mahendrakumar Nayak, Nano- Science, Best Researcher Award Doctorate at M.B.Patel Science College Anand, India Summary: Dr. Tanvibahen Mahendrakumar Nayak is a dedicated researcher and educator with a strong