Finding a source of literature for writing any research paper, whether it is an abstract or a monograph, is not a problem. You can easily find the original works of
A new discipline in psychology at the University of Oregon is broadening the department’s inclusivity with three new dedicated faculty hires.Part of the UO’s College of Arts and Sciences, the
Scientists say that they are in the dark about the move. “Since the rationale for reducing the number of existing awards so drastically isn’t publicly known, it is unclear what
 As the field of Quantum Information Science (QIS) grows, so too does the need for professionals to support and expand on the research, application, and commercialization of this exciting new
If the world can limit future greenhouse gas emissions, scientists are hopeful that adaptations can help a battered industry survive.(Inside Science) -- It’s a hectic time of year among the
 In 2017, 120 University West nursing students wrote a scientific report as an examination. Merely 30 students passed on their first attempt and one of the identified shortcomings concerned information