Installing a package from an external repository in Ubuntu consists of three steps: Adding the repository’s GPG key to the systemAdding the external repository to the systemInstalling the package from
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Attention can be flattering, but it can be unsettling too. Last week, British Jews got a taste of the latter type when Liz Truss’s campaign
Thomas Cole, The Course of Empire, Destruction, 1836. Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images Last month Nadine Dorries retweeted a mocked-up image of Rishi Sunak, head superimposed onto someone
Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images As I write this, I am relieved to hear that Salman Rushdie is conscious and able to speak, though still in a hospital bed. Last
A year ago today, on 15 August 2021, the Taliban entered Kabul, capping days of lightning advances as the US and other allies ended their military presence in the country.
Photo by English Heritage/Heritage Images/Getty Images In this piece from the summer of 1973, Tina Brown recalls her time spent observing the boat races of Oxford’s Eights Week, an afternoon
Photograph by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images. Labour has finally unveiled its plan to deal with the fast-approaching energy bills crisis. What is it and how will it work? Keir Starmer said
Image by AngieYeoh / Shutterstock The days of getting lost on unfamiliar city streets are fast becoming a quaint relic of the past. According to research conducted by the Ordnance Survey, 60
Robert Lowell reading a poem at a Poetry Festival held at the Royal Court Theatre, London, UK, July 15th to 20th, 1963. Photo by Tony Evans/Getty Images In the final
Email marketing should be a central part of your law firm’s marketing strategy as it provides a direct line to your target audiences. A newsletter sent out on a consistent


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