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Dr. Colins Johnny Jesudhas, Geoinformatics, Best Researcher Award

Professor at University college of Engineering Nagercoil, India


Dr. Colins Johnny Jesudhas is a highly skilled academic and researcher specializing in environmental science, water resources, and geoinformatics. He earned his Ph.D. in Environment & Water Resources from Anna University, Chennai, where he also completed his Master of Engineering in Geoinformatics and Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering. With over 16 years of professional experience, Dr. Jesudhas has made significant contributions to academia, industry, and research. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at Anna University, Chennai, he is actively involved in teaching, research, and administrative responsibilities. Dr. Jesudhas’s research interests encompass hydrological modeling, remote sensing applications, GIS technology, climate change impacts, coastal land subsidence, and hydroinformatics. He has supervised numerous Ph.D. and M.Tech research projects and has published extensively in reputable journals. Dr. Jesudhas’s multidisciplinary expertise and dedication to advancing knowledge and technology in environmental science and geoinformatics make him a valuable asset to the academic and research community.

Professional Profile:


Ph.D. in Environment & Water Resources

  • Institution: Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Year: 2011-2019

Master of Engineering in Geoinformatics

  • Institution: College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Year: 2005-2007

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

  • Institution: Mohammed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Year: 2001-2005

Master of Business Administration

  • Institution: Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Year: 2007-2009

Professional Experience:

Dr. Colins Johnny Jesudhas possesses over 16 years of professional experience, marked by significant contributions to academia and industry. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at Anna University, Chennai, he has demonstrated expertise in teaching, research, and administrative roles. Throughout his tenure, Dr. Jesudhas has actively engaged in mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students, imparting knowledge in geoinformatics, remote sensing, and GIS. His dedication to education extends to supervising Ph.D. and M.Tech research projects, focusing on diverse topics such as hydrological modeling, coastal land subsidence assessment, and remote sensing applications. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Jesudhas has gained valuable industry experience as a System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai, where he contributed to application development, quality assurance, and information security management. Dr. Jesudhas’s multifaceted professional background, spanning academia and industry, reflects his commitment to advancing research, education, and technology development in environmental science and geoinformatics.

Research Interest:

Hydrological Modeling: Dr. Jesudhas is interested in developing integrated hydrological models to better understand and manage water resources. His research focuses on modeling the complex interactions between surface water, groundwater, and atmospheric processes to assess water availability, quality, and sustainability.

Remote Sensing Applications: He explores the use of remote sensing techniques and satellite imagery for environmental monitoring, land cover classification, and natural resource management. His research involves analyzing remote sensing data to study changes in land use, vegetation dynamics, and environmental variables over time.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Dr. Jesudhas investigates the application of GIS technology for spatial analysis, mapping, and decision-making in environmental planning and management. He explores innovative GIS-based approaches to address environmental challenges, such as habitat conservation, urbanization, and disaster risk assessment.

Climate Change Impacts: He studies the impacts of climate change on water resources, ecosystems, and human communities. His research aims to assess vulnerability, adaptation strategies, and mitigation measures to address the effects of climate change on environmental systems.

Coastal Land Subsidence: Dr. Jesudhas focuses on assessing coastal land subsidence using remote sensing techniques and geospatial analysis. His research aims to understand the drivers of land subsidence, such as groundwater extraction, sea level rise, and geological processes, and their implications for coastal management and adaptation.

Hydroinformatics: He explores the integration of information technology, hydrology, and water resources management to develop decision support systems for water resource planning, operation, and optimization. His research involves the development of software tools, algorithms, and models to enhance water management practices and resilience to hydrological extremes.

Publications Top Noted: 

“Delineating the groundwater potential zone in Tirunelveli Taluk, South Tamil Nadu, India, using remote sensing, geographical information system (GIS) and analytic hierarchy…”

  • Authors: K Muniraj, CJ Jesudhas, A Chinnasamy
  • Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical …, Volume 31, 2020

“Evaluating the effectiveness of emissions reduction measures and ambient air quality variability through ground-based and Sentinel-5P observations under the auspices of COVID…”

  • Authors: K Muniraj, B Panneerselvam, S Devaraj, CJ Jesudhas, K Sudalaimuthu
  • Published in: International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Volume 103, Issue 13, Pages 3109-3120, 2023

“MODFLOW based groundwater budgeting using GIS: a case study from Tirunelveli Taluk, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India”

  • Authors: M Kirubakaran, J Colins Johnny, S Samson
  • Published in: Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Volume 46, Issue 5, Pages 783-792, 2018

“Assessment of vulnerability in the aquifers of rapidly growing sub-urban: a case study with special reference to land use”

  • Authors: CJ Jesudhas, A Chinnasamy, K Muniraj, A Sundaram
  • Published in: Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Volume 14, Issue 1, Page 60, 2021

“GIS-based assessment of groundwater quality and its suitability for drinking and irrigation purpose in a hard rock terrain: A case study in the upper Kodaganar basin, Dindigul…”

  • Authors: JC Johnny, MC Sashikkumar, M Kirubakaran, LM Mathi
  • Published in: Desalination and Water Treatment, Volume 102, Pages 49-60, 2018
Colins Johnny Jesudhas | Geoinformatics | Best Researcher Award

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