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Prof. Gion Calzaferri, Physical Chemistry, Best Researcher Award

Professor at University, Switzerland


Prof. Gion Calzaferri is an Emeritus Professor for Physical Chemistry at the University of Bern, Switzerland. His research interests encompass a broad range of topics, including supramolecular organized molecules, clusters, and complexes in zeolite cavities, artificial antenna systems for light harvesting, transport, and trapping, as well as the photochemical transformation and storage of solar energy. With a focus on chemical thermodynamics, he has made substantial contributions to the understanding of multiple equilibria in gas sorption isotherms of mesoporous materials.

Throughout his career, Prof. Calzaferri has been actively involved in various research committees and editorial roles. He has chaired scientific societies, organized international conferences, and served on the editorial boards of reputable scientific journals. Additionally, he has received prestigious awards such as the Weissberger-Williams Lectureship Award from Eastman Kodak and Theodor Förster Award.

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👩‍🎓Education & Qualification:

Prof. Gion Calzaferri’s academic journey includes:

Ph.D. (1971):

  • Field: Chemistry (main subject), Theoretical Physics, and Mathematics (subsidiary subjects)
  • University: University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Supervisors: Prof. A. von Zelewski, Prof. E. Schumacher

Postdoc (1971 – 1972):

  • Department: Department of Physical Chemistry
  • University: University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Supervisors: Prof. Edgar Heilbronner, Prof. Rolf Gleiter

Academic Career (1973 – 1997):

  • Roles: Lecturer, Senior Assistant to Prof. Ernst Schumacher, Associate Professor for Physical Chemistry (1987)
  • Institution: Institute of Inorganic, Analytical, and Physical Chemistry, University of Bern, Switzerland
  • Venia Docendi: Chemistry (1973 – 1986)

Research in Industry (1972 – 1973):

  • Company: Ciba-Geigy, Basel, Switzerland
  • Field: Physical-chemical research in connection with pharmacy

Academic Positions (1997 – Present):

  • Current Status: Emeritus Professor for Physical Chemistry
  • Department: Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland
  • Full Professor for Physical Chemistry (1997)
  • Associate Professor for Physical Chemistry (1987)
  • Senior Assistant (1973 – 1986)
  • Lecturer (1973 – 1986)

Research Committees and Editorial Roles:

Prof. Gion Calzaferri has made significant contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge through various influential roles in research committees and editorial positions. Some of his key contributions include:

Member of the Swiss Federal Commission for the use of solar energy, KNS (1981 – 1999): Prof. Calzaferri actively contributed to shaping the use of solar energy in Switzerland through his membership in the Swiss Federal Commission.

Chairman of the Bernese Chemical Society (1987 – 1989): In a leadership role, Prof. Calzaferri served as the Chairman of the Bernese Chemical Society, showcasing his dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the scientific community.

Chairman of the Swiss Society for Photochemistry and Photophysics (1988 – 1989): Prof. Calzaferri’s leadership extended to the Swiss Society for Photochemistry and Photophysics, where he played a crucial role in guiding the society’s activities.

Organizer and Chairman of IPS-10 (July 24 – 29, 1994): Prof. Calzaferri organized and chaired the 10th International Conference on Photochemical Transformation and Storage of Solar Energy (IPS-10) in Interlaken, Switzerland. This conference served as a platform for the exchange of ideas and advancements in solar energy research.

Chairman of the European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion (QUANTSOL) (1995 –1998): Prof. Calzaferri took on the role of Chairman for QUANTSOL, contributing to the European efforts in advancing quantum solar energy conversion.

Member of the research board, DFG, German National Research Society (1995 – 2002): Prof. Calzaferri’s involvement in the research board of the DFG focused on the exploration of new phenomena in silicon chemistry, showcasing his broad expertise.

Editorial Board Member: Prof. Calzaferri served as a member of the Editorial Board for “Research on Chemical Intermediates” and other international scientific journals, actively contributing to the peer review and publication processes.

Associate Editor of “SOLAR ENERGY” (1998 – 2019): Prof. Calzaferri played a crucial role as an Associate Editor of the journal “SOLAR ENERGY” for over two decades, shaping the content and direction of the publication in the field.

These roles underscore Prof. Gion Calzaferri’s multidimensional impact on solar energy research, photochemistry, and his commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of scientific publications.


Prof. Gion Calzaferri has received notable recognition in the form of prestigious awards. The awards include:

Weissberger-Williams Lectureship Award, Eastman Kodak, USA (2006): This award from Eastman Kodak in 2006, known as the Weissberger-Williams Lectureship Award, is a testament to Prof. Calzaferri’s outstanding contributions and impact in the field.

Theodor Förster Award (2007): Prof. Calzaferri was honored with the Theodor Förster Award in 2007. This award likely acknowledges his significant achievements and excellence in his contributions, possibly in the realm of photochemistry or related fields.

These awards underscore Prof. Gion Calzaferri’s high standing and recognition within the scientific community, highlighting his valuable contributions to the field of chemistry and related disciplines.

Research Interests:

Prof. Gion Calzaferri has conducted research in several areas within physical chemistry. His research interests include:

Supramolecular Organized Molecules:

  • Study of molecular organizations and structures within zeolite cavities.

Artificial Antenna Systems:

  • Investigation of artificial systems designed for light harvesting, transport, and trapping.

Photochemical Transformation and Storage of Solar Energy:

  • Exploration of photochemical processes for transforming and storing solar energy.

Chemical Thermodynamics:

Prof. Calzaferri’s work has contributed to the understanding of molecular organizations in confined spaces, artificial systems for light-related processes, and the utilization of solar energy through photochemical means. His expertise spans both fundamental aspects of physical chemistry and applications related to energy conversion and storage.

Publication Top Noted:

Prof. Gion Calzaferri’s recent publications reflect his focus on the multiple equilibria description of hysteresis in gas sorption isotherms, particularly in mesoporous materials. Here are some of his articles:

Title: Multiple equilibria description of type H1 hysteresis in gas sorption isotherms of mesoporous materials

  • Journal: Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2023, 296, 127121
  • Citations: 4

Title: Multiple equilibria describe the complete adsorption isotherms of nonporous, microporous, and mesoporous adsorbents

  • Journal: Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2022, 330, 111563
  • Citations: 15

Title: Entropy in multiple equilibria. Argon and nitrogen adsorption isotherms of nonporous, microporous, and mesoporous materials

  • Journal: Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2021, 312, 110744
  • Citations: 10

Title: Guests in Nanochannels of Zeolite L

  • Journal: Structure and Bonding, 2020, 183, pp. 1–74
  • Citations: 8

Title: Structure and Host-Guest Interactions of Perylene-Diimide Dyes in Zeolite L Nanochannels

  • Journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018, 122(6), pp. 3401–3418
  • Citations: 22



Gion Calzaferri | Physical Chemistry | Best Researcher Award

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