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Dr. Houxuan Li, Bridge Engineering, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at Chongqing Jiaotong University, China


Dr. Houxuan Li is an emerging expert in civil engineering, specializing in bridge engineering and non-destructive testing. As a second-year Ph.D. student, his research leverages machine learning to advance detection methodologies in the field. With hands-on experience in significant bridge assessment projects and the development of cutting-edge detection techniques, Dr. Li is dedicated to improving structural health monitoring and contributing to the innovation and safety of civil infrastructure. His achievements include recognition as an Advanced Individual in Science and Technology Innovation among college students in Chongqing, highlighting his commitment to excellence and innovation in his field.

Professional Profile:


Dr. Houxuan Li is a dedicated scholar currently in the second year of his Ph.D. program in Civil Engineering. He completed his undergraduate studies at Chongqing Jiaotong University, graduating in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. His academic journey has been marked by a strong focus on the intersection of bridge engineering and innovative detection technologies.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Li has gained significant practical experience in the field of bridge engineering. He has actively participated in and directed assessment projects for cable replacement on notable bridges such as the Mashanxi Bridge and the Dafosi Bridge in Chongqing. His work in these projects has involved the application of advanced non-destructive testing methods to ensure the structural integrity and safety of these vital infrastructures.

One of Dr. Li’s notable contributions to the field is the development of a self-induced magnetic flux leakage three-dimensional imaging method. This innovative technique has been effectively used for the corrosion detection of cable stay ropes, enabling more accurate assessments of corrosion states and informing the necessary cable replacement interventions for extra-long-span bridges.

Research Interest:

Dr. Li’s research interests are centered around the application of non-destructive testing techniques in bridge engineering and the integration of machine learning algorithms in detection and assessment processes. His work aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of structural health monitoring, with a particular focus on improving safety and extending the lifespan of bridge infrastructures.

Top Noted Publication:

Review: A Review on Damage Monitoring and Identification Methods for Arch Bridges

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Review: Recent Progress of Cement-Based Materials Modified by Graphene and Its Derivatives

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Article: Experimental study of vibration effect on self-magnetic flux leakage measurement of corroded steel strands

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Article: A multi-dimensional evaluation of wire breakage in bridge cable based on self-magnetic flux leakage signals

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Article: Research on Corrosion Circumferential Area Characterization for Steel Cable Bundle Based on Metal Magnetic Memory

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Houxuan Li | Bridge Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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