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Dr. Masume Kamali: Leading Researcher in Natural resources engineering


Dr. Masume Kamali holds a bachelor’s degree in fisheries from Zabol University in Iran. She earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in fisheries from Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, where she graduated with honors and served as a thesis advisor. As a lecturer at Payam Noor University in North Khorasan, she contributed to educational workshops and holds several certificates of participation.

With a focus on extracting bioactive compounds from fishery products, Dr. Kamali has made notable contributions to research. During her doctoral studies, she successfully prevented and controlled black spot in shrimp by extracting sulfated polysaccharide from a green algae of the Caspian Sea. This natural substance proves to be a promising alternative to allergenic and chemical sodium metabisulfite.

Dr. Kamali’s research portfolio includes two Q1 articles in prestigious journals and various scientific and conference articles. She has completed a university research project and a semi-industrial project, showcasing her commitment to advancing knowledge. Currently seeking a postdoctoral position, her future goals revolve around creating knowledge-based and technological products from fishery by-products. This vision aligns with fostering entrepreneurship, addressing societal needs through product localization, and contributing to a sustainable economy. Dr. Kamali envisions the commercialization and international export of these innovative products, marking a transformative shift from traditional education and research to entrepreneurship and societal impact.

Professional Profile:

🎓 Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries from Zabol University, Iran.
  • Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Fisheries from Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.
  • Honors student and thesis advisor during doctoral studies.

👩‍🏫 Teaching Experience:

  • Lecturer at Payam Noor University in North Khorasan.

📚 Certificates and Workshops:

  • Certificates of participation in educational workshops.

📄 Publication Top Noted:

  • Effect of dietary chitosan on growth performance, hematological parameters, intestinal histology and stress resistance of Caspian kutum (Rutilus frisii kutum Kamenskii, 1901) fingerlings

  • Effect of chitosan-coated Ulva intestinalis sulfated polysaccharide nanoliposome on melanosis and quality of Pacific white shrimp during ice storage

🔬 Research Projects:

  • Completed a research project within the university.
  • Conducted a semi-industrial project.

🦐 Research Focus:

  • Specialization in extracting bioactive compounds from fishery products.
  • Successfully prevented and controlled black spot in shrimp using sulfated polysaccharide extracted from a green algae of the Caspian Sea during the doctoral degree.

🌱 Future Goals:

  • Applying for a postdoc position.
  • Aim to produce a knowledge-based and technological product from fishery by-products.
  • Goal to create entrepreneurship, meet societal needs, and contribute to the sustainable economy.
  • Focus on localizing innovative products, commercializing them, and fostering international relations.

🌐 Impact and Vision:

  • Aspires to contribute to the transformation of the university from the first generation to the fourth generation, emphasizing entrepreneurship and societal impact.
  • Envisions creating a business environment and over-the-counter market for the valuable product.
  • Seeks to play a significant role in future scientific research and knowledge advancement.





Masume Kamali | Natural resources engineering

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