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Dr. Sahar Hassan, Sedimentation Geology, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at Slb, Egypt


Dr. Sahar Hassan is a highly accomplished geologist with extensive experience in the petroleum industry. She has held key roles in renowned organizations such as Schlumberger and Cheiron Petroleum Corporation, where she demonstrated expertise in petrophysics, sedimentology, and reservoir characterization. Dr. Hassan’s career highlights include conducting sedimentological evaluations and facies analyses for major projects in the Nile Delta and offshore Mediterranean regions. She is recognized for her contributions to improving reservoir evaluation through high-resolution qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. With a strong background in geology and a passion for research, Dr. Hassan continues to make significant contributions to the field, focusing on enhancing understanding and management of subsurface reservoirs for optimized exploration and production strategies.

Professional Profile:


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Geology Cairo University, Faculty of Science Specialization: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Thesis Title: “Study of Sedimentary Processes in Offshore Mediterranean Reservoirs” 

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Geology Cairo University, Faculty of Science Specialization: Petrophysics Thesis Title: “Petrophysical Analysis of Carbonate Reservoirs in the Nile Delta” 

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Geology Cairo University, Faculty of Science

Professional Experience:

Dr. Sahar Hassan is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the field of geology, particularly in the petroleum industry. Her career spans various key roles in prestigious organizations such as Schlumberger and Cheiron Petroleum Corporation. At Cheiron Petroleum Corporation, she served as a Senior Petrophysicist, responsible for processing and interpreting wireline logs and borehole imaging tools in Egypt and Mexico. Additionally, she excelled as a Borehole Imaging Consultant, specializing in carbonate reservoir quality control and fracture characterization analysis for Mexican assets. During her tenure at Schlumberger, Dr. Hassan demonstrated strong leadership as a Senior Geologist and Geologist. She conducted comprehensive processing and interpretation of geological wireline and Logging While Drilling (LWD) borehole imaging tools, contributing to sedimentological research and static models. Her expertise extended to clastics and carbonate reservoir evaluation, including analysis of reservoir geometry, cyclicity, paleocurrent prediction, fractures characterization, and dual-porosity evaluation across various regions. Dr. Hassan’s contributions have been instrumental in enhancing reservoir evaluation and decision-making processes for major firms operating in the Nile Delta and offshore Mediterranean regions.

Research Interest:

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy: Studying the processes and structures involved in the deposition and layering of sediments to understand the geological history of rock formations.

Petrophysics: Investigating the physical properties of rocks and their interactions with fluids, particularly in petroleum reservoirs, to optimize exploration and production strategies.

Reservoir Characterization: Utilizing various geological and geophysical techniques to analyze and describe subsurface reservoirs, including their geometry, fluid content, and permeability.

Geological Imaging: Developing and implementing advanced imaging techniques to visualize and analyze geological features and structures in reservoirs, aiding in reservoir management and production optimization.

Fracture Characterization: Investigating the distribution, orientation, and properties of fractures within reservoir rocks to assess their impact on fluid flow and reservoir performance.

Geochemistry: Studying the chemical composition and reactions of rocks and fluids in the subsurface to understand geological processes and assess reservoir quality and fluid properties.

Geomechanics: Analyzing the mechanical behavior of subsurface rock formations to assess their stability, deformation, and response to geological and engineering processes, including hydraulic fracturing and reservoir stimulation.

Publications Top Noted: 

Title: “An integrated high-resolution image log, sequence stratigraphy and palynofacies analysis to reconstruct the Albian–Cenomanian basin depositional setting and cyclicity: Insights …”

  • Authors: S. Hassan, M. Darwish, S.S. Tahoun, A.E. Radwan
  • Published in: Marine and Petroleum Geology
  • Volume: 137
  • Pages: 105502
  • Year: 2022
  • Citations: 18

Title: “The Albian–Cenomanian boundary on the southern Tethyan margin: Abu Gharadig Basin, Northern Western Desert, Egypt”

  • Authors: S. Hassan, S.S. Tahoun, M. Darwish, W. Bosworth, A.E. Radwan
  • Published in: Marine and Petroleum Geology
  • Volume: 154
  • Pages: 106334
  • Year: 2023
  • Citations: 2

Title: “Multi-Well Correlation to delineate Stacked-Channel Reservoir using High Resolution Micro-imaging Facies”

  • Authors: S.S. Hassan, A.K. Megawer, H. Zahran, M. Emam, A.M. Abu El Fotoh, …
  • Published in: SPE North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition
  • Paper ID: D011S002R003
  • Year: 2015

Title: “Application of New Techniques for Characterization of an Eocene Carbonate Reservoir in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt”

  • Authors: M.V. Steene, V. Vallega, S. Shaaban, S. Ghadiry, E. Haddad, E. Bassim
  • Presented at: North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt Month/Year: February 2012
Sahar Hassan | Sedimentation Geology | Best Researcher Award

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