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Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul, Nano-pesticide, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at The University of Newcastle, Australia


Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul is a dedicated researcher with expertise in the field of agronomy, environmental remediation, and controlled release formulations of herbicides. He earned his Ph.D. from The University of Newcastle, Australia, under the National Agricultural Technology Program Scholarship. His doctoral research focused on investigating herbicide sorption-desorption using pristine and organoclays for potential applications in controlled release formulations.

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👩‍🎓Education & Qualification:

1. Doctor of Philosophy

  • Exam/Degree Title: Ph.D.
  • Institute Name: The University of Newcastle, Callaghan, Australia

2. Master of Science in Agronomy

  • Exam/Degree Title: MS (Agronomy)
  • Institute Name: Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU), Bangladesh

3. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Hons.)

  • Exam/Degree Title: B. Sc. Ag. (Hons)
  • Institute Name: Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU), Bangladesh


Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul brings a wealth of networking experience to his professional repertoire. His proficiency is demonstrated through various activities, including conducting socio-economic surveys, engaging with farmers, and actively participating in extension field trips. This hands-on approach allows him to intimately understand the challenges faced by farmers and extension personnel. Dr. Paul possesses excellent written and oral communication skills in both Bengali (his mother tongue) and English (his second language), facilitating effective communication with diverse stakeholders.

His ability to generate innovative ideas and produce comprehensive survey reports showcases his analytical and research capabilities. As a constructive and diplomatic team player, Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul collaborates seamlessly within teams, demonstrating strong communication skills to facilitate cohesive work environments. His versatility is evident in his capacity to work both independently and as part of a team, showcasing leadership qualities that contribute to successful outcomes. Dr. Paul thrives in time-constrained situations, further highlighting his efficiency and adaptability in varying work scenarios.

Awards and Scholarships :

Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul has been honored with prestigious awards and scholarships that reflect his outstanding contributions and achievements:

  • National Agricultural Technology Program- Phase II Project Scholarship: Awarded by the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), this scholarship supported Dr. Paul’s Ph.D. studies from 16 January 2019 to 15 July 2022, showcasing recognition for his dedication to agricultural technology research.
  • International Scientist Awards 2021 on Engineering, Science, and Medicine: Dr. Paul received the International Scientist Awards in 2021, recognizing his significant contributions to the fields of engineering, science, and medicine. This award, conferred in Chennai, India, highlights his global impact on interdisciplinary research.
  • Certificate of Participation at “World Food Day Poster Contest 2015”: Acknowledged for his creative contributions, Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul received a Certificate of Participation at the World Food Day Poster Contest in 2015. This event, organized by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), showcased his commitment to raising awareness about global food issues.

These accolades underscore Dr. Paul’s excellence in research, academic contributions, and commitment to addressing critical challenges in agriculture on both national and international platforms.

Research Interests:

Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul’s research interests center around the following key areas:

Controlled Release Formulations of Herbicides:

  • Investigating the development and application of controlled release formulations for herbicides.
  • Understanding the role of nanocarriers in loading and releasing active ingredients in herbicide formulations.

Agronomic Crop Management in Unfavorable Ecosystems:

  • Exploring strategies for managing agronomic crops in challenging and unfavorable ecosystems.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices:

  • Contributing to research on sustainable agricultural practices.

Environmental Remediation:

  • Studying and addressing environmental challenges related to agricultural activities.

Allelopathic Effects in Crop Management:

  • Researching allelopathic effects, specifically focusing on rapeseed/mustard varieties on lentil and associated weeds.

Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul’s diverse research interests showcase a commitment to advancing agricultural practices, ensuring sustainability, and addressing environmental concerns associated with agricultural activities.

Publication Top Noted:

Title: Investigation of herbicide sorption-desorption using pristine and organoclays to explore the potential carriers for controlled release formulation

  • Authors: SK Paul, Y Xi, P Sanderson, AK Deb, MR Islam, R Naidu
  • Journal: Chemosphere
  • Year: 2023
  • Volume: 337
  • Page: 139335

Title: Growth and Yield of Chickpea as Affected by Detopping Time and Height

  • Authors: MS Kobir, MO Ali, MJ Hossain, MS Alam, S Paul, P Hajong, MH Rahman
  • Journal: Bangladesh Agronomy Journal
  • Year: 2021
  • Volume: 24 (2)
  • Pages: 109-113

Title: Aluminosilicate nano-skeleton to firm the structure and properties of nano-herbicide formulations

  • Authors: SK Paul, M Nuruzzaman, TC Correa, R Naidu
  • Year: 2019

Title: Combined effect of hormonal concentrations (naa and bap) on root formation kenaf (hibiscus cannabinus l.)

  • Authors: R Sultana, A Quader, M Haque, S Mazumder, SK Paul
  • Journal: Applied Science Report
  • Year: 2015
  • Volume: 12 (3)
  • Pages: 128-133

Title: Investigation of the physicochemical properties of amine-modified organoclays influenced by system pH and their potential to adsorb anionic herbicide

  • Authors: SK Paul, Y Xi, P Sanderson, R Naidu
  • Journal: Geoderma
  • Year: 2023
  • Volume: 436
  • Page: 116560

These publications showcase Dr. Santosh Kumar Paul’s research contributions in areas related to herbicide formulations, crop growth and yield, nano-herbicide formulations, and physicochemical properties of organoclays.



Santosh Kumar Paul | Nano-pesticide | Best Researcher Award

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