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Ms. Shikha Patel, Urban Planning, Best Researcher Award

Shikha Patel at Qatar University, Qatar


Ms. Shikha Patel is a dedicated urban planning professional with a diverse background in academia, research, and practice. She holds a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from Qatar University, where her research focuses on sustainable urban development, policy analysis, and GIS applications in urban planning decision-making. With a Master’s degree in Architecture (Urban Design) and an MBA in Infrastructure & Construction, Ms. Patel brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her work.

Throughout her career, Ms. Patel has demonstrated a passion for addressing complex urban challenges and promoting inclusive and sustainable urban environments. Her expertise extends to grant writing, academic editing, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and professional report writing. With technical proficiency in GIS analysis, remote sensing, AutoCAD, and various software applications, she leverages technology to inform evidence-based urban planning solutions.

Professional Profile:


Ph.D. in Urban Planning from Qatar University, Qatar (2021)

Masters in Architecture (Urban Design) from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India (2019)

  • Received Gold Medal from VTU, India

MBA in Infrastructure & Construction from JNU, India (2017)

Bachelors in Architecture from Gujarat University, India (2013)

Professional Experience:

Ms. Shikha Patel brings a wealth of professional experience across diverse domains. As a Research Assistant at Qatar University, she actively contributes to projects focusing on urban planning and sustainable development, utilizing her skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis, academic editing, grant writing, and research/report writing. Her involvement in multiple grants and collaborative research schemes underscores her dedication to advancing knowledge in her field. Additionally, her volunteer work at the United Nations reflects her commitment to global initiatives, where she engages in activities related to SDGs data annotation and environmental research. With teaching experience in India, Ms. Patel has imparted knowledge in various subjects, including architecture and urban design, demonstrating her ability to communicate complex concepts effectively. Her previous roles in business development, retail planning, and architecture have equipped her with a holistic understanding of project management, client relations, and design principles. Throughout her professional journey, Ms. Patel has exhibited versatility, creativity, and a strong commitment to excellence, making significant contributions to academia, research, and practice in urban planning and architecture.

Research Interest:

Urban Planning and Policy Analysis:

  • Ms. Patel may be interested in studying urban planning policies and their impacts on community development, transportation systems, housing affordability, and environmental sustainability. This research could involve evaluating existing policies, proposing innovative solutions, and assessing their effectiveness in addressing urban challenges.

Sustainable Development and Resilience:

  • Given her background in sustainable development, Ms. Patel may explore research topics related to sustainable urban design, green infrastructure, renewable energy integration, and climate change adaptation. Her research could focus on promoting resilient and environmentally friendly urban environments that enhance quality of life and mitigate climate-related risks.

Spatial Analysis and GIS Applications:

  • With her technical skills in GIS analysis, Ms. Patel could conduct research on spatial patterns of urbanization, land use dynamics, and spatial disparities in access to amenities and services. She may also explore the application of GIS technologies in urban planning decision-making processes and spatial planning strategies.

Community Engagement and Participatory Planning:

  • Ms. Patel may be interested in research that involves engaging communities in the urban planning process, promoting participatory decision-making, and empowering marginalized populations. This could include studying participatory planning methods, community-led initiatives, and strategies for fostering inclusive and equitable urban development.

Smart Cities and Digital Urbanism:

  • Given the increasing relevance of technology in urban planning, Ms. Patel could explore research topics related to smart cities, digital urbanism, and the use of technology-driven solutions for enhancing urban efficiency, mobility, and sustainability. Her research could investigate the potential benefits and challenges associated with the adoption of smart city technologies.

Comparative Urban Studies:

  • Ms. Patel may also be interested in comparative studies that examine urban planning practices, policies, and challenges across different cities or regions. Comparative research could provide valuable insights into best practices, lessons learned, and opportunities for cross-cultural knowledge exchange in urban planning and development.

Publications Top Noted:Ā 

Title: Land surface temperature responses to land use dynamics in urban areas of Doha, Qatar

  • Published in: Sustainable Cities and Society, 2024, Volume 104, Article 105273
  • Authors: Patel, S.; Indraganti, M.; Jawarneh, R.N.

Title: Urban planning impact on summer human thermal comfort in Doha, Qatar

  • Published in: Building and Environment, 2024, Volume 254, Article 111374
  • Authors: Patel, S.; Indraganti, M.; Jawarneh, R.N.

Title: A comprehensive systematic review: Impact of Land Use/ Land Cover (LULC) on Land Surface Temperatures (LST) and outdoor thermal comfort

  • Published in: Building and Environment, 2024, Volume 249, Article 111130
  • Authors: Patel, S.; Indraganti, M.; Jawarneh, R.N.

Title: The impact of urban design on mental well-being by integrating green spaces in Doha City, Qatar

  • Published in: Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development, 2024, Volume 8(3), Pages 31-47
  • Authors: Patel, S.; Jabbour, N.; John, D.; Al-Matwi, R.; Isiafan, R.J.

Title: The urban regenerationā€™s framework for transit villages in Qatar: the case of Al Sadd in Doha

  • Published in: Environment, Development and Sustainability, 2021, Volume 23(4), Pages 5920-5936
  • Authors: Furlan, R.; Zaina, S.; Patel, S.
Shikha Patel | Urban Planning | Best Researcher Award

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