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Dr. Tanvibahen Mahendrakumar Nayak, Nano- Science, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at M.B.Patel Science College Anand, India


Dr. Tanvibahen Mahendrakumar Nayak is a dedicated researcher and educator with a strong background in Chemistry. She has contributed significantly to the fields of environmental remediation, nanomaterial synthesis, and the development of novel detection methods for pollutants. Dr. Nayak holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from HNGU, Patan, and has authored several research papers in reputable journals. With her expertise and passion for science, she continues to make valuable contributions to both academia and research, aiming to address critical environmental challenges and promote sustainable solutions.

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Dr. Tanvibahen Mahendrakumar Nayak is a seasoned educator with over 7 years and 9 months of teaching experience in the field of Chemistry. Throughout her career, Dr. Nayak has demonstrated a deep commitment to fostering learning and academic excellence among her students. She has held various teaching and leadership positions at esteemed educational institutions, including roles as Assistant Professor, Head of Department, and In-Charge Principal. Notably, Dr. Nayak’s contributions to education have been recognized with awards such as the Best Teacher of the Year award by BETS Science College, Rasana Mota, in 2018. Her expertise in Chemistry, coupled with her excellent communication skills and friendly demeanor, has enabled her to effectively engage with students, parents, and administrators alike. Dr. Nayak’s dedication to advancing scientific education and her proven track record of achievements make her a valuable asset to any educational institution.

Research Interest:

Dr. Tanvibahen Mahendrakumar Nayak’s research interests lie at the intersection of Chemistry and education. With a profound background in Chemistry and extensive experience in teaching, Dr. Nayak is keen on exploring innovative pedagogical approaches to enhance science education at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is particularly interested in developing strategies to make complex chemical concepts more accessible and engaging for students, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject. Additionally, Dr. Nayak is interested in educational research aimed at improving student learning outcomes, retention rates, and overall academic success in the field of Chemistry. Her passion for education, coupled with her expertise in Chemistry, positions her well to contribute meaningfully to research endeavors aimed at advancing science education practices and methodologies.

Publication Top Noted:

Title: Environmental remediation and application of carbon-based nanomaterials in the treatment of heavy metal-contaminated water: A review

  • Authors: T Nayak, A Pathan
  • Journal: Materials Today: Proceedings
  • Year: 2023
  • Citation Count: 4

Title: An Optimize Formulation to Synthesis of size Controlled Hydrophobic Starch Acetate Nanoparticles using Box-Behnken Design

  • Authors: G Rami, T Nayak, JJ Vora
  • Journal: Journal of Polymer & Composites
  • Volume: 10
  • Issue: 1
  • Pages: 32-54p
  • Year: 2022
  • Citation Count: 1

Title: A Novel Green Synthesized Carbon Dots for the Detection of Organophosphate Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

  • Authors: T Nayak, N Simon, AK Yadav, NI Gour, S Debnath, M Purushotham, …
  • Journal: Advances in Science and Technology
  • Volume: 117
  • Pages: 35-41
  • Year: 2022

Title: A Green Synthesized SnO2 Photo-Catalyst for Effective Degradation of Biomedical Industrial Waste

  • Authors: T Nayak, N Simon, J Alsadi, RM Hernandez, CK Dixit, V Malik
  • Journal: Key Engineering Materials
  • Volume: 928
  • Pages: 27-32
  • Year: 2022

Title: TiO2-Cu2O Based Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Degradation of Dye Pollutants from Aqueous Industrial Waste Solutions

  • Authors: T Nayak, K Kulathuraan, K Pakiyaraj, E Potrich, LS Amaral, CK Dixit, …
  • Journal: Key Engineering Materials
  • Volume: 928
  • Pages: 53-58
  • Year: 2022



Tanvibahen Mahendrakumar Nayak | Nano- Science | Best Researcher Award

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