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Mr. Xiangyu Liang, Materials Science, Best Researcher Award

  Xiangyu Liang at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China


Dr. Xiangyu Liang is a highly accomplished researcher with expertise in polymer chemistry and physics. He earned his Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry and Physics from Fudan University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from Shenzhen University.

Dr. Liang has extensive research experience, serving as a Researcher (PI) at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and as a Visiting Scholar at the Southern University of Science and Technology. He has also contributed significantly as a Senior Research Scholar and Postdoctoral Fellow at SUSTech and as a Visiting Student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Professional Profile:


👩‍🎓Education & Qualification:

Mr. Xiangyu Liang’s education is as follows:

Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Fudan University (Supervisor: Jiandong Ding), Sep. 2014 – Jun. 2019.

B.E., Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shenzhen University, Sep. 2010 – Jun. 2014.

Research Experiences:

Mr. Xiangyu Liang brings a wealth of research experiences garnered across esteemed academic and research institutions, underscoring his commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to his field. His professional journey includes key positions and engagements at prominent institutions:

  • Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) – Researcher (PI), Aug. 2022 – Now: As a Principal Investigator, Mr. Liang is actively involved in shaping and leading research initiatives at CAAS, contributing to the institution’s scientific endeavors.
  • Southern University of Science and Technology – Visiting Scholar, Aug. 2022 – Now: Serving as a Visiting Scholar, Mr. Liang engages with the academic community at the Southern University of Science and Technology, fostering collaborations and gaining exposure to diverse research environments.
  • Southern University of Science and Technology – Senior Research Scholar, Apr. 2022 – Aug. 2022: In this role, Mr. Liang demonstrated his expertise and leadership in scholarly pursuits, making valuable contributions to the research landscape at the university.
  • Southern University of Science and Technology – Postdoctoral Fellow, Apr. 2020 – Apr. 2022: As a Postdoctoral Fellow, Mr. Liang engaged in intensive research, honing his skills and contributing to the scientific community within the university.
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Visiting Student, Jun. 2013 – Aug. 2013: This experience as a Visiting Student at HKUST reflects Mr. Liang’s commitment to gaining a global perspective in his academic pursuits.

These varied experiences underscore Mr. Xiangyu Liang’s diverse and comprehensive background in academic research, positioning him as an expert in his field with a broad understanding of different research environments and methodologies.

Awards and Honors:

Mr. Xiangyu Liang is a highly accomplished individual, garnering numerous awards and honors throughout his academic and professional journey. His notable recognitions include being identified as a Young Talent by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in August 2022, showcasing his outstanding contributions in the field. Additionally, he has been recognized as a key contributor to the “Peacock Plan” in Shenzhen City, further highlighting his impact on the local community.

Mr. Liang’s academic excellence is underscored by his recognition as an Outstanding Graduate at Fudan University in May 2019, and the receipt of the Best Poster Award (Top 1%) at the Chinese Biomaterials Congress in October 2017. His achievements extend beyond academia, as demonstrated by his success in the Case Analysis Competition (Third prize) held by ExxonMobil (USA) and Fudan University in October 2018.

His commitment to research collaboration is evident through the Award for Research Cooperation received thrice from the Biomedical Materials Group between 2016 and 2018. Mr. Liang’s dedication to academic innovation and extracurricular activities is evident in his recognition as an Excellent Student of Academic Performance (twice) during his time at Shenzhen University.

His versatility is further showcased by his accomplishments in sports, such as winning the Third prize for Men’s Doubles at the 1st Global PhD (Shenzhen) Badminton Open in May 2021.

In addition to these accolades, Mr. Liang holds several professional certifications, including the Stem Cells and Medicine Certificate from the Second Military Medical University in 2015, the Tissue Engineering and Tissue Transplantation Treatment Technology Training Certificate from the Chinese Medical Doctor Association in 2014, and the 3D Modeling Certification from Shanghai Mosuhu Co., LTD in 2018.

Mr. Xiangyu Liang’s extensive list of awards, honors, and certifications is a testament to his exceptional achievements, both academically and professionally.

Publication Top Noted:

Research Articles authored by Mr. Xiangyu Liang:

Title: Fatigue-Resistant Conducting Polymer Hydrogels as Strain Sensor for Underwater Robotics

  • Authors: Zhang, Z., Chen, G., Xue, Y., …, Liu, J., Lu, B.
  • Journal: Advanced Functional Materials, 2023, 33(42), 2305705
  • Citations: 8

Title: Polyurethane vitrimers: Chemistry, properties and applications (Review)

  • Authors: Tao, Y., Liang, X., Zhang, J., Lei, I.M., Liu, J.
  • Journal: Journal of Polymer Science, 2023, 61(19), pp. 2233–2253
  • Citations: 2

Title: Engineering Electrodes with Robust Conducting Hydrogel Coating for Neural Recording and Modulation

  • Authors: Zhang, J., Wang, L., Xue, Y., …, Lu, Y., Liu, J.
  • Journal: Advanced Materials, 2023, 35(3), 2209324
  • Citations: 6

Title: Impact-Resistant Hydrogels by Harnessing 2D Hierarchical Structures

  • Authors: Liang, X., Chen, G., Lei, I.M., …, Lan, Y., Liu, J.
  • Journal: Advanced Materials, 2023, 35(1), 2207587
  • Citations: 15

Title: Integrated 3D printing of flexible electroluminescent devices and soft robots

  • Authors: Zhang, P., Lei, I.M., Chen, G., …, Liang, X., Liu, J.
  • Journal: Nature Communications, 2022, 13(1), 4775
  • Citations: 39

Research Area:

Mr. Xiangyu Liang’s research area focuses on the following:

Polymer Chemistry and Physics



Protein Immobilization and Purification

Antibiotic Delivery Systems

Structural and Activity Characterizations of Biomolecules

Innovative Textile Development

Materials Science and Engineering

Tissue Engineering and Transplantation

Stem Cells and Medicine


Xiangyu Liang | Materials Science | Best Researcher Award

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