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Dr. Abdulkarem Amhamed, Chemical Engineering, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Qatar


Dr. Abdulkarem Amhamed is a distinguished professional with a robust background in chemical engineering and a stellar career in research and innovation. Holding a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bradford, he has excelled in key roles, including serving as the Director of the CO2 Cluster Program and Energy Efficiency Program Director at the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute. Since April 2016, Dr. Amhamed has been a Senior Scientist at the institute, where his strategic leadership has significantly influenced research initiatives.

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👩‍🎓Education & Qualification:

Dr. Abdulkarem Amhamed’s education details are as follows:

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

  • University of Bradford
  • Duration: 2005-2009

MSc. in Gas Engineering and Management

  • University of Salford
  • Duration: 2002-2004

BSc in Chemical Engineering

  • Bright Star University of Technology, Libya
  • Duration: 1990-1994

Professional Background:

Dr. Abdulkarem Amhamed has held pivotal roles in advancing research and initiatives at the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute. As the Director of the CO2 Cluster Program and the Energy Efficiency Program Director, he has demonstrated strategic leadership in shaping programs that address critical environmental and energy challenges. His responsibilities include overseeing the CO2 Cluster Program’s initiatives and directing efforts towards enhancing energy efficiency within the institute. Since April 2016, Dr. Amhamed has served as a Senior Scientist, bringing his wealth of expertise to contribute significantly to the institute’s research endeavors. In these roles, he has played a vital part in guiding research initiatives and fostering innovation in areas crucial for sustainable development and environmental stewardship.


Dr. Abdulkarem Amhamed’s achievements underscore his outstanding contributions to research, innovation, and professional recognition. As the Lead Principal Investigator, he successfully secured a substantial $6,400,000 grant, showcasing his leadership and ability to navigate competitive funding environments. Demonstrating remarkable prowess, Dr. Amhamed achieved a 100% success rate in obtaining an impressive $9,400,000 in external funds, attesting to his exceptional skills in attracting financial support for impactful research initiatives.

In a bold move towards global environmental leadership, he initiated the “acDAC12” startup, a venture aimed at positioning Qatar as a frontrunner in direct CO2 capture technologies. His commitment to excellence in the field has been acknowledged by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in the UK, where he holds the esteemed recognition of being a Fellow Chartered Chemical Engineer. Additionally, Dr. Amhamed has been honored with the “Most Valuable Research Energy Efficiency Portfolio Member” award, highlighting his significant contributions to advancing energy efficiency research.

His prolific research output is further evidenced by holding 17 patents, showcasing not only the depth of his expertise but also his dedication to generating tangible innovations with potential real-world applications. Dr. Amhamed’s achievements collectively reflect a distinguished career marked by leadership, innovation, and impactful contributions to the fields of chemical engineering and environmental research.

Research Area:                                                                   

Dr. Abdulkarem Amhamed’s research focuses on the development of innovative technologies in the field of chemical engineering, with a particular emphasis on areas related to climate change, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. His work involves the application of theoretical knowledge in chemical process engineering to create large-scale systems that offer practical solutions, benefiting both end-users and operators.

Key Research Areas:

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS): Dr. Amhamed has played a significant role in the CCUS program, aiming to address climate change issues. His contributions include securing substantial grants, founding the CCUS program, and leading a team of researchers in the development of innovative solutions for direct CO2 capture.

Catalysis and Process Engineering: As a co-founder of the Catalysis and Process program, Dr. Amhamed has been involved in advancing research in catalysis, particularly in developing processes that enhance energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Innovative Technologies for Energy Efficiency: His research focuses on the development of technologies that increase energy efficiency, with a track record of obtaining external funds for projects in this domain. This includes the initiation of the “acDAC12” startup, which aims to position Qatar as a global leader in direct CO2 capture.

Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships: Dr. Amhamed has been instrumental in fostering collaborations with esteemed global institutions. His efforts have contributed to building strategic research partnerships, securing external funding, and supporting commercialization endeavors.

Leadership in Research Initiatives: In key positions such as Director of the CO2 Cluster Program and Energy Efficiency Program Director at the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Dr. Amhamed has demonstrated leadership in spearheading research initiatives. This includes securing significant grants, managing research teams, and actively pursuing projects that align with the advancement of energy and environmental technologies.

Dr. Abdulkarem Amhamed’s research portfolio reflects a commitment to addressing pressing global challenges through innovative solutions in the field of chemical engineering.

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Abdulkarem Amhamed | Chemical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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