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Ms. Annu Kumari, Macroeconomics Award, Best Researcher Award

Annu Kumari at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha, India


Ms. Annu Kumari is a dedicated academic and researcher specializing in the fields of economics and management. She holds a Ph.D. in Management, with a focus on topics related to macroeconomic analysis, trade dynamics, financial markets, digital economy, sustainable development, and rural development. Ms. Kumari’s scholarly contributions include numerous research papers published in prestigious journals, where she explores diverse aspects of economic theory and practice.

Alongside her research pursuits, Ms. Kumari has demonstrated excellence in teaching as an Assistant Professor in the Department of [Department Name], where she imparts knowledge and fosters critical thinking among students. Her commitment to academic excellence is underscored by her participation in workshops, seminars, and conferences aimed at enhancing her skills and knowledge base.

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Professional Experience:  

Ms. Annu Kumari possesses a wealth of professional experience in both academia and research. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of [Department Name], she has demonstrated excellence in teaching and mentoring students. Her teaching responsibilities have included delivering lectures, developing curricula, and guiding students in their academic pursuits. Alongside her teaching role, Ms. Kumari actively engages in research activities, contributing to the body of knowledge in economics and management. She has authored several research papers published in esteemed journals, presenting her findings at international and national conferences. Ms. Kumari’s dedication to both teaching and research underscores her commitment to advancing knowledge and making meaningful contributions to her field.

Research Interest:

Macroeconomic Analysis: Exploring the impact of macroeconomic variables on various economic phenomena such as stock market prices, inflation rates, and economic growth.

Trade Dynamics: Investigating the dynamics of international trade relations, including bilateral trade agreements, trade intensity, and trade patterns between different countries.

Financial Markets: Studying the functioning of financial markets, including stock markets, commodity markets, and foreign exchange markets, with a focus on market efficiency, price discovery, and investor behavior.

Digital Economy and Fintech: Analyzing the role of digital technologies and financial innovations in shaping the modern economy, including topics such as digital marketplaces, online transactions, and financial inclusion through fintech solutions.

Sustainable Development: Examining the intersection of economic growth and environmental sustainability, with a focus on policies and strategies for achieving sustainable development goals.

Rural Development: Investigating the challenges and opportunities for rural development, particularly through the lens of financial inclusion, agricultural economics, and rural entrepreneurship.

Publication Top Noted:

Title: A metabolic reprogramming in Bacopa monnieri plants induced by methyl-jasmonate and enhanced biosynthesis of triterpene saponins

  • Authors: A Kumari, A Kumar, S Mandal, P Roy, D Sircar
  • Journal: Industrial Crops and Products
  • Volume: 204
  • Page: 117241
  • Year: 2023
  • Citation count: 1

Title: Enhanced production of bioactive plumbagin in hairy root cultures and adventitious root cultures of Plumbago zeylanica L. by a novel apocarotenoid elicitor, α-ionone

  • Authors: A Kumar, A Kumari, P Demiwal, P Roy, D Sircar
  • Journal: Industrial Crops and Products
  • Volume: 203
  • Page: 117140
  • Year: 2023



Annu Kumari | Macroeconomics Award | Best Researcher Award

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