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Assist Prof Dr. Dibyashree Shrestha, Supercapacitor, Best Researcher Award

Assistant professor at Patan Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal


Dr. Dibyashree Shrestha is an Assistant Professor in the field of Chemistry with a strong dedication to both academia and research. She completed her Master’s degree (MSc) in Chemistry from the prestigious Central Department of Chemistry at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. Subsequently, recognizing the importance of continuous learning and professional development, she pursued and successfully obtained her doctoral degree (PhD) from the same department.

Throughout her career, Dr. Shrestha has demonstrated a passion for teaching and mentoring students, starting as a part-time instructor at Patan Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, and progressing to the role of Assistant Professor by 2017. Her commitment to academic excellence is complemented by her active engagement in research, where she explores various aspects of Chemistry with a focus on synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and computational chemistry.

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Dr. Dibyashree Shrestha has a rich professional experience that spans both academia and research. Beginning her career as a part-time instructor at Patan Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, she quickly progressed to the role of Assistant Professor by 2017. Throughout her tenure, Dr. Shrestha has demonstrated a strong commitment to teaching and mentoring students, imparting her expertise in the field of Chemistry while fostering an environment conducive to learning. Her dedication to academic excellence is complemented by her active engagement in research, where she has contributed significantly to advancing knowledge in her area of specialization. Dr. Shrestha’s professional journey is characterized by her resilience in overcoming challenges, her unwavering pursuit of excellence, and her passion for both education and research.

Research Interest:

Synthetic Chemistry: Investigating novel methods for the synthesis of organic compounds with potential applications in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, materials science, and agriculture.

Analytical Chemistry: Developing analytical techniques and methods for the detection, identification, and quantification of chemical compounds in complex samples.

Environmental Chemistry: Studying the impact of pollutants on the environment and developing strategies for pollution prevention and remediation.

Biochemistry: Exploring the biochemical processes underlying biological phenomena, such as enzyme kinetics, protein structure-function relationships, and metabolic pathways.

Nanotechnology: Investigating the synthesis, characterization, and applications of nanomaterials for diverse purposes, including catalysis, drug delivery, and sensors.

Computational Chemistry: Utilizing computational methods and simulations to understand chemical phenomena, predict molecular properties, and design new molecules with desired properties.

Publication Top Noted:

Title: Applications of functionalized porous carbon from bio-waste of Alnus nepalensis in energy storage devices and industrial wastewater treatment

  • Journal: Heliyon
  • Year: 2023
  • Volume: 9
  • Issue: 11
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Title: Activated carbon and its hybrid composites with manganese (IV) oxide as effectual electrode materials for high-performance supercapacitor

  • Journal: Arabian Journal of Chemistry
  • Year: 2022
  • Volume: 15
  • Issue: 7
  • Article Number: 103946

Title: Evaluation of physical and electrochemical performances of hardwood and softwood-derived activated carbons for supercapacitor application

  • Journal: Materials Science for Energy Technologies
  • Year: 2022
  • Volume: 5
  • Pages: 353–365

Title: Nanocomposite Electrode Materials Prepared from Pinus roxburghii and Hematite for Application in Supercapacitors

  • Journal: Journal of the Korean Wood Science and Technology
  • Year: 2022
  • Volume: 50
  • Issue: 4
  • Pages: 219–236

Title: The effects of different activating agents on the physical and electrochemical properties of activated carbon electrodes fabricated from wood-dust of Shorea robusta

  • Journal: Heliyon
  • Year: 2021
  • Volume: 7
  • Issue: 9
  • Article Number: e07917



Dibyashree Shrestha | Supercapacitor Award | Best Researcher Award

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