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Mr. Debela Alema, Thermal System Engineering, Best Researcher Award

Debela Alema at Jimma university, Ethiopia


Mr. Debela Alema is a dedicated lecturer and researcher with extensive experience in mechanical and thermal systems engineering. Holding a BSc from Wollega University and an MSc from Jimma University, he has taught various engineering courses, guided student projects, and contributed to academic research in notable journals. Mr. Alema is committed to advancing knowledge in power plant engineering and renewable energy systems, and he actively participates in initiatives aimed at optimizing energy systems and promoting clean energy solutions.

Professional Profile:


BSc in Mechanical Engineering: Wollega University, Ethiopia (GPA: 3.90/4)

MSc in Thermal System Engineering: Jimma University, Ethiopia (GPA: 3.98/4)

🏢 Professional Experience:

Mr. Debela Alema has a robust professional background in academia, having held positions at both Wollega University and Jimma University. At Wollega University, he served as an Assistant Researcher, Assistant Lecturer, and Lecturer, where he taught various engineering courses including power plant engineering, engineering drawing, engineering mechanics (dynamics), and thermodynamics. He also played a crucial role in advising undergraduate students on mini-project methodology and evaluating their performance. At Jimma University, Mr. Alema continued his academic career as a Lecturer, preparing teaching materials on heat transfer and supervising community-based program mini-projects for undergraduate students. He also conducted and published research work in reputable journals while teaching power plant engineering. In addition to his academic roles, Mr. Alema has volunteered with the Youth Education Support Service Ethiopia as a team member of YESSETHIOPIA Jimma Team, demonstrating his commitment to community service and education.


Certificate of Achievement: Optimization Methods for Energy System Studies, Technical University of Denmark (April 2-22, 2024)

Certificate of Recognition: Design and Fabrication of Floor Cleaning, Washing, and Drying Machine, Wollega University Business and Technology Incubation Center (February 1 – June 30, 2018)

Certificate of Attendance: Africa International Conference on Clean Energy and Energy Storage (November 23-24, 2023)

Master Class for Teaching Online (Open EdX): Effective pedagogy in the online teaching and learning space (2-week course)

Project Certificate on FEM-Linear, Non-Linear Analysis and Post-Processing: Coursera

Certificate of Excellence in Peer-Reviewing: Recognition of outstanding contribution to the quality of a book

Research Interests:

Thermal systems engineering

Heat transfer

Power plant engineering

Renewable energy systems

Energy optimization and efficiency

Top Noted Publication:

Title: Parametric study of an empty diffuser geometric parameters and shape for a wind turbine using CFD analysis

  • Authors: DA Teklemariyem, ET Yimer, VR Ancha, BA Zeru
  • Journal: Heliyon
  • Volume: 10
  • Issue: 5
  • Year: 2024

Title: Effects of multi-spring wires on hydrothermal performance of double tube heat exchanger

  • Authors: DAT Maisa A. Sharaf, S.A. Marzouk, Ahmad Aljabr, Fahad Awjah Almehmadi, DA Teklemariyem
  • Journal: Case Studies in Thermal Engineering
  • Volume: 60
  • Year: 2024

Title: Modeling and simulation of Khat waste fast pyrolysis for energy recovery

  • Authors: GA Moreda, SD Tolasa, DA Teklemariyem
  • Journal: Heliyon
  • Volume: 10
  • Issue: 2
  • Year: 2024



Debela Alema | Thermal System Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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