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Mr. ShivaDutt Jangampeta, Machine Learning, Industry Innovation Research Award

ShivaDutt Jangampeta at JP Morgan Chase, United States

Mr. ShivaDutt Jangampeta appears to be a highly experienced professional with a strong background in cybersecurity, specifically in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). However, determining his suitability for the “Research for Community Impact Award” requires an assessment of how his work impacts the community.

Relevant Criteria for the Research for Community Impact Award:

Community Impact: The award typically recognizes research that has a significant positive impact on the community, either through direct application or through contributions to knowledge that benefit the community.

Innovation and Advancement: Contributions to advancing the field and introducing innovative solutions or methodologies.

Collaboration and Dissemination: Engagement with stakeholders and dissemination of research findings to a broader audience.

Evaluation of Mr. Jangampeta’s Suitability:


Professional Experience:

  • Extensive experience in managing and optimizing SIEM systems.
  • Leadership roles in cybersecurity teams at major organizations like JPMorgan Chase and PEPSICO.
  • Development and implementation of advanced cybersecurity measures that could indirectly benefit community security by protecting sensitive data and reducing vulnerabilities.

Research Contributions:

  • Authored several publications related to data security, SIEM, and compliance, indicating a contribution to academic knowledge.
  • Research topics like anomaly detection in SIEM and the role of data security in compliance suggest a focus on enhancing cybersecurity frameworks, which can have broad implications for community safety and trust in digital systems.

Innovative Solutions:

  • Implementation of advanced technologies and automation in cybersecurity, contributing to more resilient and efficient security infrastructures.

Areas to Consider:

Direct Community Impact:

  • While Mr. Jangampeta’s work in cybersecurity is crucial, the direct impact on the community might be less apparent compared to other fields such as public health or environmental science.
  • It would be beneficial to highlight specific examples or case studies where his work directly protected community members or contributed to public safety.

Engagement and Dissemination:

  • The extent of his engagement with community stakeholders and efforts to disseminate his research findings to a broader, non-technical audience would strengthen his case for this award.


Mr. Jangampeta’s extensive experience and contributions to the field of cybersecurity are impressive and certainly valuable. His work indirectly impacts the community by enhancing the security of digital infrastructures, which is increasingly important in today’s interconnected world. To bolster his application for the Research for Community Impact Award, it would be advantageous to emphasize any direct community benefits resulting from his cybersecurity initiatives and any outreach efforts he has made to educate or involve the community in his work.

If his research and professional activities can be framed to clearly demonstrate significant, tangible benefits to the community, Mr. Jangampeta could be a suitable candidate for the award.


ShivaDutt Jangampeta | Machine Learning | Industry Innovation Research Award

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