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Introduction of Genetics and Molecular Biology:

Genetics and Molecular Biology research are at the forefront of understanding the fundamental building blocks of life. These disciplines delve into the intricacies of genetic information, heredity, and the molecular mechanisms that govern cellular processes.

Genome Sequencing and Analysis:

Investigating the structure and function of genomes, including the human genome, to uncover genetic variations and their implications in health and disease.

Genetic Epidemiology:

Studying the genetic factors contributing to the occurrence and distribution of diseases within populations, aiding in disease prevention and management.


Exploring how chemical modifications to DNA influence gene expression and cellular function, shedding light on inherited traits and disease susceptibility.

DNA Replication and Repair:

Investigating the mechanisms by which cells replicate and maintain the integrity of their genetic material, crucial for cellular survival.

Gene Expression and Regulation:

Studying how genes are transcribed and translated into proteins, as well as the regulatory mechanisms controlling these processes.

Protein Structure and Function:

Exploring the structure and function of proteins, including enzymes, receptors, and signaling molecules, to understand cellular processes.

Genetics and Molecular Biology

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