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Introduction of Innovation Catalyst Paper Award


Embark on a journey of transformative innovation with the ‘Innovation Catalyst Paper Award.’ This prestigious accolade honors researchers who serve as catalysts for change, driving impactful innovations that reshape industries and communities.

Award Overview:

The ‘Innovation Catalyst Paper Award‘ celebrates research that acts as a catalyst for transformative change. Open to individuals of all ages, the award requires a minimum qualification of a master’s degree, with submissions limited to peer-reviewed publications. Recurrent submissions are encouraged, recognizing the ongoing role of innovators as catalysts for positive change.

  • Open to individuals of all age groups.
  • Minimum qualification: Master’s degree.
  • Submissions must be peer-reviewed publications.
  • Encourages recurrent submissions from past awardees.
Evaluation Criteria:

Submissions are evaluated based on:

  • The transformative impact of the innovation.
  • Methodological rigor and originality.
  • Contribution to reshaping industries or communities.
  • Clarity and applicability of innovative findings.
Submission Guidelines:
  • Adherence to specified formatting guidelines.
  • Inclusion of a comprehensive biography highlighting innovation expertise.
  • Attachment of an abstract summarizing key innovative concepts.
  • Supporting files, such as prototypes or implementation plans, should accompany the submission.

The ‘Innovation Catalyst Paper Award’ brings recognition through:

  • Public acknowledgment of the transformative impact.
  • Presentation opportunities at influential innovation forums.
  • A certificate commemorating the distinguished achievement.
Community Impact:

Winners are encouraged to engage with the innovation community, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing to amplify the impact of their catalytic innovations.

Biography, Abstract, and Supporting Files:

A concise innovation-focused biography, a relevant abstract, and supporting files are integral components of the submission, offering a comprehensive view of the innovative catalyst’s significance.

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Innovation Catalyst Paper Award

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