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Introduction of Research Excellence Endeavor Award


Embark on a journey of scholarly dedication with the ‘Research Excellence Endeavor Award.’ This prestigious honor acknowledges researchers who tirelessly strive for excellence, demonstrating unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and making a lasting impact.

Award Overview:

The ‘Research Excellence Endeavor Award‘ is a celebration of relentless dedication to scholarly pursuits. Open to researchers of all ages, the award requires a minimum qualification of a doctoral degree, with submissions limited to peer-reviewed publications. Encouraging recurrent submissions, the award recognizes the ongoing commitment to research excellence.

  • Open to researchers of all age groups.
  • Minimum qualification: Doctoral degree.
  • Submissions must be peer-reviewed publications.
  • Encourages recurrent submissions from past awardees.
Evaluation Criteria:

Submissions are evaluated based on:

  • Demonstrated excellence in research endeavors.
  • Methodological rigor and innovation.
  • Contribution to the advancement of knowledge.
  • Clarity and coherence of research findings.
Submission Guidelines:
  • Adherence to specified formatting guidelines.
  • Inclusion of a comprehensive biography showcasing research achievements.
  • Attachment of an abstract summarizing key contributions to research excellence.
  • Supporting files, such as datasets or supplementary materials, should accompany the submission.

The ‘Research Excellence Endeavor Award’ brings recognition through:

  • Public acknowledgment of the researcher’s commitment to excellence.
  • Presentation opportunities at prominent academic events.
  • A certificate commemorating the distinguished achievement.
Community Impact:

Winners are encouraged to engage with the academic community, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing to amplify the impact of their research endeavors.

Biography, Abstract, and Supporting Files:

A concise yet comprehensive research-focused biography, a relevant abstract, and supporting files are integral components of the submission, offering a snapshot of the researcher’s dedication and impact.

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Research Excellence Endeavor Award

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