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Dr. Mohammed Jaboob, Dhofar University, Oman: Management and Accounting, Best Researcher Award


Mohammed Said Mahad Jaboob holds a Master’s degree in Management from Dhofar University and completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education with a focus on Leadership and Management from IIUM, Malaysia, in 2022. With a commitment to enhancing the quality of skills and contributing to Omani education, Mohammed has held key roles at Dhofar University, serving as the Deputy Director of the Vice Chancellor’s office and the Vice Chancellor’s office coordinator. He brings extensive experience in leadership, management, and strategic planning, aiming to support organizational growth and development. Additionally, Mohammed has been actively involved in various committees, demonstrating his dedication to community engagement and academic initiatives. His research interests include topics such as augmented reality, virtual reality, job satisfaction, organizational culture, and the strategic value discipline in fresh graduates. Mohammed Said Mahad Jaboob is recognized for his contributions to the field of management and accounting.

Professional Profile:

Education & Qualification:

  • 2017: Master’s degree in Management from the College of Commerce and Business Administration, Dhofar University (Average: 2.7).
  • PhD in Philosophy of Education (Leadership and Management) from IIUM, Malaysia (2022).


With a master’s degree in Management from the College of Commerce and Business Administration at Dhofar University and a recent completion of a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Education with a focus on Leadership and Management from IIUM-Malaysia in 2022, Mohammed Said Mahad Jaboob is well-equipped with a strong educational background. His employment history reflects his commitment to academic institutions, having served as the Deputy Director of the Vice Chancellor’s office at Dhofar University since July 2017. Additionally, he worked as the Vice Chancellor’s office coordinator from February 2015 to July 2017. With these experiences, Mohammed brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to contribute to Omani education. His objectives include seeking new challenges to enhance personal abilities, elevating the quality of skills, integrating academic and educational experiences to enhance institutional capacity, and actively supporting strategic planning and growth for his organization, community, and country. Mohammed aspires to make meaningful contributions to Omani education both scientifically and cognitively.

Employment History:

In his distinguished employment history, Mohammed Said Mahad Jaboob has made significant contributions to Dhofar University, showcasing his commitment and leadership skills. Since July 2017, he has served as the Deputy Director of the Vice Chancellor’s office, demonstrating his ability to navigate and excel in administrative roles. Prior to that, from February 2015 to July 2017, Mohammed held the position of Vice Chancellor’s office coordinator, showcasing his continuity and dedication to the institution. Before his tenure at Dhofar University, he gained valuable experience as a marketing officer at Sun Line, an advertising and media company, from July 2011 to December 201. Through these roles, Mohammed has exhibited a diverse skill set and a strong commitment to both educational and corporate environments.


Mohammed Said Mahad Jaboob’s active involvement in various committees reflects his commitment to service and leadership. Currently serving as the Vice Chairman of the Services Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dhofar Governorate Branch, he has been contributing to the business community’s development from January 2018 to December 2022. Within Dhofar University, Mohammed has held membership roles in critical committees, including the contract and purchasing committee since 2017, the developing policy and regulations committee from 2019 to 2021, and the Tenders committee since 2017. Additionally, his continuous participation in the Dhofar University Graduation ceremony committee since 2016 showcases his dedication to the academic community. Through these memberships, Mohammed actively contributes to policy development, regulations, and the overall growth of the institutions he serves.


Mohammed Said Mahad Jaboob has actively pursued professional development through various training programs, enhancing his skills and knowledge across different domains. Notable among these is a 30-hour training course on “Teaching and Learning Modern Teaching Methods and Educational Technology for Practicing Academic Work” at the University of Jordan’s Center of Consultations and Training, conducted from May 3 to May 7, 2023. Additionally, he participated in a “Scopus Training” by the Researcher Academy on Campus at Dhofar University on November 9, 2022, presented by Wael Mansour, a Senior Consultant.

Further, Mohammed obtained a certificate for attending the “KAIZEN” training program, focused on continuous improvement, conducted in collaboration with The Japanese Center for Competitiveness and Innovation from August 26 to 27, 2019. Additionally, he completed a training program on “Leadership and Organizational Communication” from August 14 to August 18, 2022, at the Centre for Training & Development of Human Resources at Dhofar University. His commitment to continuous learning is evident from his enrollment in a training program in administration affairs at Dhofar Municipality from July 2010 to September 2010. These diverse training experiences showcase his dedication to professional growth and the acquisition of valuable skills.

Publication Top Noted:

Mohammed Said Mahad Jaboob has contributed to various research papers. Here are some of his publications:

“Analyzing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) recent development in education”

  • Authors: AM Al-Ansi, M Jaboob, A Garad, A Al-Ansi Journal: Social Sciences & Humanities Open Volume: 8, Issue: 1 Year: 2023 Pages: 100532

Examining the mediating role of job satisfaction between motivation, organizational culture, and employee performance in higher education: A case study in the Arab region

  • Authors: AM Al-Ansi, M Jaboob, A Awain Journal: Educ Sci. Manag Volume: 1, Issue: 1 Year: 2023 Pages: 30-42

Knowledge of strategic value discipline and its importance for fresh graduate: A qualitative investigation

  • Authors: ASM Jaboob, MS Jaboob, TS Al Amri Year: 2021

Understanding how big data awareness affects healthcare institution performance in Oman

  • Authors: S Hammami, O Durrah, L El-Maghraby, M Jaboob, S Kasim, K Baalwi Year: 2024

Evaluation of Dhofar University Performance according to Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Criteria of Islamic Universities Federation

  • Authors: M Jaboob, D Al Hadabi, M Al Ani Journal: Global Journal of Economics & Business Volume: 13, Issue: 4 Year: 2023


Mohammed Jaboob | Management and Accounting | Best Researcher Award

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