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Dr. Xuhao Cui: Leading Researcher in Transportation engineering

🎉 Congratulations Dr. Xuhao Cui on Winning the Best Paper Award! 🏆 Your dedication to research, mentorship, and collaboration with international teams is truly commendable. This award is a testament to your outstanding work and the impact it has on the broader community.

Professional Profile:

🎓 Education:

  • Received B.S. degree in civil engineering from Lanzhou Jiaotong University in 2016.
  • Attained Ph.D. in road & railway engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2022.

🚄 Currently serving as a postdoctoral fellow at Beijing University of Technology and as a lecturer.

🔍 Research Interests: Specializes in the in-service performance of track structure infrastructure.

💡 Achievements: Secured funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2023 and the Central University Basic Research Business Fee project in 2019.

👨‍💼 Professional Experience: Hosted and participated in multiple projects, contributing to the field of railway track infrastructure.

📄 Publication Top Noted: 

  • Effects of lateral differential settlement of the subgrade on deformation behavior and damage evolution of CRTS II slab track
  • Analysis of ballast breakage in ballast bed when using under sleeper pads
  • Effects of the subgrade differential arch on damage characteristics of CRTS III slab track and vehicle dynamic response
  • Vibration characteristics of spring-steel floating slab track and cause analysis of rail corrugation
  • Influence of Uneven Subgrade Frost Heave on Deformation and Damage of CRTSIII Slab Track

🔬 Research Contributions:

  1. Developed an improved bilinear mixed mode cohesive force model for simulating interlayer bonding damage behavior in ballastless track structures.
  2. Established an instability and arch analysis model for longitudinal continuous slab ballastless track structures under complex temperature action.
  3. Conducted morphological reconstruction of irregular shapes of railway ballast, proposing technology for delaying ballast degradation.

🏆 Impact: Has tremendous influence in the industry, making significant contributions to the safe construction and service of railway track infrastructure.

👨‍🏫 Contribution to Research & Development:

  1. Established a spatial nonlinear coupled dynamic model of high-speed train ballastless track subgrade system.
  2. Explored interlayer gap and arch deformation laws of longitudinal continuous slab ballastless track structure under complex temperature action and joint damage.
  3. Developed a coupling analysis method between train ballast bed discrete element and finite element, as well as a simulation method for ballast fragmentation and degradation.
  4. Proposed technology for delaying ballast degradation based on the combination of track optimization and structural vibration reduction.





Xuhao Cui | Transportation engineering

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