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Introduction of Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science:

Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science research are vital disciplines at the intersection of health, medicine, and chemistry. They focus on the study of toxic substances, their effects on living organisms, and the development of safe and effective pharmaceuticals to treat diseases and improve human health.

Environmental Toxicology:

Investigating the impact of pollutants, chemicals, and contaminants on ecosystems and human health, including risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Clinical Toxicology:

Studying the effects of exposure to toxic substances, drugs, and poisons on individuals, along with diagnostic and treatment approaches.


Exploring the genetic basis of toxic responses and the role of genomics in predicting individual susceptibility to toxins.

Drug Discovery and Development:

Investigating the design and development of new drugs, including target identification, drug synthesis, and preclinical testing.


Studying the mechanisms of action of drugs, their interactions with biological systems, and their therapeutic applications.

Pharmaceutical Formulation:

Exploring the formulation of medications, drug delivery systems, and dosage forms to improve drug efficacy and patient compliance.

Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science

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