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Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi, Biomedical Engineering, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at National University of Singapore, Singapore


Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi is a dedicated researcher in the field of materials engineering and biomedical applications. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS), specializing in the development of antimicrobial wound dressings through electrospinning and 3D printing of polymers. His research also extended to the exploration of MXene/Polymer nanocomposites for biomedical applications during his tenure as a Visiting Research Student at Drexel University.

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👩‍🎓Education & Qualification:

Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi has a strong educational background in Mechanical Engineering and Polymer Engineering. Here are the details of his academic journey:

1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering

  • Institution: National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Department: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Division
  • Duration: August 2019 to December 2023

2. Visiting Research Student

  • Institution: Drexel University, A.J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute
  • Duration: December 2022 to August 2023

3. Master of Science (MSc.) in Polymer Engineering

  • Institution: Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)
  • Department: Chemical Engineering
  • Duration: September 2016 to May 2019

4. Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Chemical Engineering

  • Institution: IUT, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Duration: September 2012 to September 2016

Professional Journal:

Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi has acquired valuable experiences through diverse research collaborations and teaching positions. Here is an overview of his professional journey:

1. Research Collaboration with the SKIN RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF SINGAPORE (SRIS)

Duration: January 2022 – August 2023


  • Learning and conducting cell culture techniques
  • Conducting assays related to skin wound healing

2. Teaching Assistant at NUS

Duration: August 2020 – 2022


  • Engineering Materials in Medicine
  • Research Topics in Materials

3. Research Collaboration with Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI)

Duration: January 2020 – August 2023


  • Learning and conducting various antimicrobial assays

These experiences underscore Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi’s engagement in both academic and research-oriented capacities, highlighting his expertise in materials engineering and biomedical research.

Honor and Award:

Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi has received prestigious honors and awards, recognizing his outstanding contributions and achievements:

  • Wiley Top-Cited Article Certificate (2021-2022)
  • Wiley Top-Cited Article Certificate (2019-2020)
  • Wiley Top-Downloaded Article Certificate (2018-2019)
  • First Ranked Among MSc. Students

These accolades underscore Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi’s excellence in research and academic pursuits, positioning him as a leader in his field.

Research Interests:

While specific information about Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi’s research interests is not provided in the text you provided, based on his educational background and experiences, we can infer that his research interests are likely focused on the intersection of materials engineering, polymer science, and biomedical applications. Here are potential research interest areas for Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi:

Electrospinning and 3D Printing of Polymers:

  • Development of antimicrobial wound dressings through electrospinning.
  • Exploration of 3D printing techniques for polymer-based biomedical applications.

Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications:

  • Investigation of MXene/Polymer nanocomposites for use in biomedical fields.

Self-healing Polymeric Coatings:

  • Research on the development of self-healing polymeric coatings using nanogel composites.

Antimicrobial Gelatin-based Wound Dressings:

  • Study of antimicrobial properties in gelatin-based wound dressings using propolis.

Biomedical Applications of MXene:

  • Exploration of the applications of MXene/Polymer nanocomposites in the biomedical field.

Skin Wound Healing:

  • Cell culture techniques and assays related to skin wound healing.

Teaching and Education in Materials Engineering:

  • Involvement as a Teaching Assistant in modules related to Engineering Materials in Medicine and Research Topics in Materials.

Antimicrobial Assays:

  • Learning and conducting different antimicrobial assays, likely related to biomedical applications.

Please note that these are inferred research interests based on the information provided, and the actual scope of Dr. Erfan Rezvani Ghomi’s research may cover additional areas within the broader field of materials engineering and biomedical sciences.

Publication Top Noted:

Title: Advances in electrospinning of aligned nanofiber scaffolds used for wound dressings

  • Authors: ER Ghomi, F Khosravi, RE Neisiany, M Shakiba, M Zare, …
  • Journal: Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering
  • Year: 2022
  • Citation Count: 34

Title: Circular economy: a comparison between the case of Singapore and France

  • Authors: E Rezvani Ghomi, F Khosravi, MA Tahavori, S Ramakrishna
  • Journal: Materials Circular Economy
  • Year: 2021
  • Citation Count: 34

Title: Electrospun Aligned PCL/Gelatin Scaffolds Mimicking the Skin ECM for Effective Antimicrobial Wound Dressings

  • Authors: ER Ghomi, R Lakshminarayanan, V Chellappan, NK Verma, …
  • Journal: Advanced Fiber Materials
  • Year: 2023
  • Citation Count: 33

Title: A bilayer GO/nanofibrous biocomposite coating to enhance 316L stainless steel corrosion performance

  • Authors: F Khosravi, SN Khorasani, ER Ghomi, MK Kichi, H Zilouei, M Farhadian, …
  • Journal: Materials Research Express
  • Year: 2019
  • Citation Count: 28

Title: Thermal degradation kinetics and modeling study of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWP)/graphene nanocomposite

  • Authors: I Jafari, M Shakiba, F Khosravi, S Ramakrishna, E Abasi, YS Teo, …
  • Journal: Molecules
  • Year: 2021
  • Citation Count: 23

These articles have received notable citations, reflecting their impact and significance in the respective fields.



Erfan Rezvani Ghomi | Biomedical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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